Our Story

Meet Devorah, the founder and creator of DS Wig Design...

A mom of 8 and marathon runner this #girlboss is accomplishing tenfold! Her passion for hair styling and cutting began as a young girl living with 5 sisters. She always loved styling their hair along with her mother's for fun. This talent quickly turned into a passion and she began babysitting in exchange for hair cutting classes during her high school years. 

While studying for a masters for speech therapy in Israel, she noticed that she was living in an area where not many were servicing wigs and it was not easy to access an American wig line. She took the opportunity, and slowly but surely, began introducing wig lines and her services to the community. It took off from there and she was faced with a decision: go after her passion or stick to speech therapy? 

Since what she was doing brought so much joy to the women she serviced and helped them cover their hair in a way that made them feel so beautiful.. she followed her passion and never looked back. She has created a positive, warm, accepting and loving environment for so many. It gives her the ability to do something she loves while still being able to be there for the ones she loves, her family. 

When women sit in her chair, in her beautiful and vibrant studio in Chicago... the bonding and friendship is palpable. 

She looks forward to servicing you..


Ds Wig Design