What Our Clients Say...

"I can write a book long review about all the awesomeness you are!!! I absolutely love you!! Love the way you do my shaitel!!! Love love love the shaitel I bought from you!!!"

"After hearing of so many horrific experiences with first sheitals and scary wig sellers, I was really nervous about purchasing one of my own. Ds Wig Design was comfortable, friendly, and I felt catered completely. I definitely recommend them for anyone intimidated by hair covering!"  

"Thank you Devorah for always making the time for me. Besides for the fun at your salon, you give me the time and make me feel comfortable. And you always have good food and parties going on at your salon!"

"Ds Wig Design is the best for all your wig needs! Devorah was so willing to work with me and helped me find the best pieces before my wedding. She made the process easy and fun! I definitely recommend her for new wigs, fixing old ones, and all things styling!"

"Devorah is so super accommodating with her service. She wants you to be happy with what you purchased and if you're not satisfied she'll help you until you are without making you feel bad about it! She's also just fun and easy to talk to while in the salon."